Blade Runners Proactive Approach

  • Watch and learn the three elements to a successful landscape relationship
  • Free long Range planning
  • Comprehensive and concise contract that explains exactly what services we perform

At Blade Runners there are three components to a successful landscape relationship

  1. The Standard Contract
  2. Short Range planning
  3. Long range Planning

The standard contract: Having a comprehensive contract, with an effective menu of landscaping services; specifications that are distinctively detailed, indicating exactly how we are going to provide the services and where on your property is a critical distinction towards successful grounds maintenance. Short Range Planning: The second component is the short range planning. Blade Runners is proactive in there approach to lawn maintenance. We perform monthly site inspections that evaluate the quality of our services and report any concerns that may be affecting your property in a timely fashion before you have to. We keep you informed of items outside the scope of your grounds maintenance contract that you might consider. We can help you with lawn maintenance services that may need to be done on alternate years. Long range planning: Blade Runners can help you with Landscape, Hardscape, Tot lots, tree concerns, drainage problems. Many times these projects in total can be overwhelming to an organization. Blade Runners can provide a written long range plan stretching out projects out over a three to five year period so as not to dramatically impact your budget... The result is a well managed and planned property with enhanced value.

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